Equipment Lease Rates

TYM T1003C 100hp 4WD Tractor
(Includes bucket and/or forks, up to 20 gal diesel per day)
(Daily rate includes up to 8 hours of tachometer time)
$79 $259 $1554

3x Big Y shank Yeoman's Plow
(Includes points and up to 3 shear pins per day)

  $129 $714
Firminator G-3 8 foot Interseeder / Disc / Cultipacker   $126 $696
Bison 7' 6-way hydraulic back blade   $99 $599

Posted and effective March 23, 2020. Lease Rates include normal consumables. Additional charges may apply for excessive or extreme conditions and use. Set-up charges and cleaning charges may apply. 

Great Circles policies and procedures apply to all rentals.